RE: Page error for pages requiring SSL

From: Srinivas Grandhi (
Date: 10/17/02

From: (Srinivas Grandhi (MS))
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 01:14:42 GMT

Hi Jim,
Usually the error message gives more information in addition to "page not
found" and might give us info on why this occurs. Also it is good to know
if you can run asp (instead of under SSL (https://) just to make
sure if the problem is with the certificate or with running

Here is how I would troubleshoot this:
1. First make sure that we can see the actual error message in the browser.
In IE Tools -> Internet Options...->Advanced tab -> make sure "Show
friendly HTTP error messages" is un-checked. Again browse to the aspx page
and see if you get more descriptive error message. Try browsing to the page
locally on the server too. You can post the exact error message back here.
2. You can set the Directory security properties on the virtual directory
(application) under IIS so that you allow SSL (instead of "requiring" SSL).
This change is only for testing and you can revert back to your original
setting later. Try browsing to the application via http and then https. See
if you get any errors browsing to the application via http then we need to
fix those errors first. If the problem happens only under SSL (https), try
browsing to an asp page under same virtual direcory via https and see if
you get the same error message.
3. There is a known issue with worker process recycling suddenly
under SSL. But in this case you should see Event ID 1003 logged in
Application event log with source as ASP.NET. For more information on this,
please take a look at the KB article:
FIX: ASP.NET Worker Process (Aspnet_wp.exe) Is Recycled Suddenly
4. Can you test browsing to the site from different clients (to see if the
problem is specific to the browser version you sre using)? If you are using
IE 5.01, please check the KB article:
SSL/SSPI Programs May Not Work with Internet Explorer 5.01
5. Do you have multiple sites on the server? If you are using Host Headers
to identify different sites on the same server (using same IP address and
Port number), please take a look at the KB article:
HTTP 1.1 Host Headers Are Not Supported When You Use SSL
6. Please check the IIS logs too.

Thank you, Srinivas Grandhi
Microsoft, ASP.NET

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