Re: WindowsPrincipal & m_roles

From: JD (
Date: 10/10/02

From: (JD)
Date: 10 Oct 2002 13:04:22 -0700

I'd be interested in this, too!

"wezza" <> wrote in message news:<2c6001c25ff2$62bdde90$36ef2ecf@tkmsftngxa12>...
> I'm currently using LDAP to query Active Directory and
> test whether a user is a member of a particular global
> group. I have been intriduced to the IsInRole method
> which can do the exact same thing without having to call
> to AD again, however it only accepts a full group name and
> i only know part of the group name that the user is a
> member.
> In VS.NET, using the Watch window when i perform this
> check i can see that there is a set of attributes called
> m_roles which contains an array of strings of all the
> groups that the user is a member of. So if i could
> enumerate through these roles i could do some sort of
> substring test to match my partial group name to a full
> group name for authentication, however when i try and
> access m_roles, i get told that it is private.
> Does anyone know of a way of getting to these m_roles?