Re: Forms authentication and frames

From: Chris Garrett (
Date: 10/01/02

From: "Chris Garrett" <>
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 15:24:21 GMT

I cant remeber off had how to do this but I know that I got all my
javascript info from Check out the javascript FAQ it has a lot of
usefull info there.


"Marcel Braak" <> wrote in message
> Hi there,
> I've got a web application the uses frames.
> I've set up the authentication and it works ok, except one thing i can't
> seem to fix.
> When a user is logged out or his session expires he is redirected to the
> login page. But the login pages are opened in the frames. I would like
> page to be opened on top (_top).
> I've tried to make a html file which included a javascript that redirects
> the login page.
> <script language="javascript">top.location.href =
> '/login/login.aspx';</script>
> The works when i use my logout button that links me to this html page.
> But when a session is expired, the .NET framework redirects me directly to
> the login page, so the login page is opened in a frame.
> When i change the loginUrl in de web.config to point to the html file,
> i'm stuck in a loop cause the login page can't be opened cause i'm not
> logged in.
> Is there a way to make the login page open on top?
> Thanx,
> Marcel

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