Role-Based hierarchical model advice

From: NeverStill (
Date: 09/27/02

From: "NeverStill" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 18:23:01 -0700


I've been assigned my first security task for a web application, here are the main facts:
  a.. Small scale, web application
  b.. Forms Authentication
  c.. Validating credentials against SQL server
  d.. SSL - not that it matters, but just in case

>From my initial research, it looks like what we want to go with is Role-Based (RBAC) security and simply assign the different user to 1 or many roles.

I'm having a hard time getting my head around the best way to setup everything, I think what would help is advice on the best way to construct the database in regards to the roles. Would I need to create a many-to-many table for every item that I want to secure so that I can manage the roles? That would be a lot of work.

Also, if I wanted to make a role type: "Power User" inherit the roles: "User", "Guest", etc, how could I structure things so that?? I know these kinds of questions are annoying, I'm not looking for someone to hold my hand through this, I would just like some pointers or even links to articles that might be informative. ANY help would be greatly appreciated, I'm pretty lost on this ;)



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