Re: reach secure files in subfolder

From: Steve Turley (
Date: 09/16/02

From: "Steve Turley" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 11:26:14 -0700

It isn't clear from your post exactly what you're trying to do. Are you
trying to use SSL to protect a subfolder of your site? Do you have a server
certificate installed on the server? If so then you don't do it with
web.config. Start the IIS manager (Start>Run, "inetmgr") and navigate to the
folder that you want to protect. Then right-click and select Properties.
Then select the Directory Security tab. Check the "Require secure
connection" checkbox.

Hope this helps
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This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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"fredrik" <> wrote in message
> I have put some secure sites in a subfolder of my webproject, but when the
> site tries to reach these secure pages in the subfolder i get this error:
> Parser Error Message: It is an error to use a section registered as
> allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level. This
> can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an
> in IIS.
> and it refers to the webconfig file in the subfolder like this:
> Line 34: <authentication mode="Forms">
> Line 35:
> Line 36: <forms name=".AuthCookie"
> loginUrl=http://Authenticate/login.aspx></forms>
> What can I do?
> Fredrik

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