Re: Web Permissions

From: Roger Eastman (
Date: 08/21/02

From: "Roger Eastman" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:36:27 -0700

You got that right. It's really frustrating when stumps come up in Dot Net
because there's hardly anywhere to go and no one seems to know the answer.

The menu item is in the main menu (VS Dot Net) under (Project) and then (Web
Project) and there it sits (Web Permissions) all greyed out. I definitely
have Web Access Method set to Front Page and the project is not in Source

I had an issue like you describe below where I had made a Com Component that
I wanted Users to be able to execute from my Dot Net page. Running the Class
wasn't so much the problem, it was the resources that the component was
trying to utilize was the issue. I just couldn't get the thing to run so I
ended up creating an EXE that automated the component and wrote a SQL script
to execute it as from a trigger in SQL Server 2000 when I flaged a table
field. The ASPNET user punches a button or whatever which runs an update
query that fires the trigger. What a freaking work around, but it worked
because the process was being run as the logged in user of NT apposed to the
ASPNET user.


"Harry Simpson" <> wrote in message
> Roger,
> Think we're the only two people here on Mars!!
> Which menu are you looking at (what context?)
> I''ve actually been having problems setting directory web sharing. Think
> conceptually i need to learn relationships between ASPNET user security,
> file directory security , and inheritable directory security and it's
> on read/write for ASPNET user.
> AS long as i write to a directory off the root, i'm cool but when i go the
> suggested Program Files\Comapany Name\Directory i get write denial even if
> don't add everyone to that directory. Just adding ASPNET user with read
> /write privilages doesn't work and i really don't know why.
> Forgive my rambling here Roger, just glad someone else is in this
> today.
> Harry
> "Roger Eastman" <> wrote in message
> news:efkDKSSSCHA.2024@tkmsftngp08...
> > I am trying to setup web permissions but the Option under the Menu
> > 'Project/web project/web permissions' is greyed out. I have the Web
> > Method set to Front Page and the project is not in Source Control. It
> should
> > be available now but it's not.
> >
> > I'm thinking it may have something to do with IIS in Win2000 Server
> because
> > I have several machines with .net hitting the same site and it doesn't
> > matter what project I use, the scenario is always the same. Web
> Permissions
> > is greyed out.
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Roger
> >
> >