Re: Compromise of the nobody account?

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article
<barmar-F46AFE.20353628012008@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Barry Margolin wrote:

ibuprofin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Moe Trin) wrote:

There is substantial spam flowing out of google, to the point that
people are simply killfiling (blocking) all posts from there.

Really? Never noticed it -- maybe Giganews is filtering the spam.

Check the headers on this post. I suspect the difference is the
groups that you are reading. I'm killing google-posts in only four
of the 80 Usenet newsgroups I try to scan daily. In one group, this
filter was added after the spamvertisements posted from google were
hitting 65 percent (yes, two out of three were trash). A further
problem is that complaints to 'groups-abuse@xxxxxxxxxx' results in a
boiler-plate reply from an ignore-bot essentially saying that they have
no control (and no plans to control) posts from their service.

I thought the reason was that so many Google Groups users seem to be
clueless about how to post properly to Usenet (e.g. they're notorious
for multi-posting rather than cross-posting and not quoting in their
replies). This particular poster seems to be quite the exception.

Many of the people using googlegroups to post are doing so because
their ISP is no longer providing (or never did provide) a Usenet
service. See the post in the group 'comp.protocols.tcp-ip' for someone
else's explanation.

Old guy

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