Re: Urgent!!! Network and Security Administrator for UAE

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vam <vmvnrm@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
VAM SYSTEMS is a Business Consulting, IT Technology Solutions and

Others may feel differently, however you will note that the word
"jobs" does NOT appear in the title of this group, which should
indicate that it is a group for discussion of unix security and not
a place where job postings/announcements are desired or welcome.
There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of groups with the
word "jobs" somewhere in their titles where you would be more

Having exposed yourself as a clueless and rude spammer and having
dragged your company's reputation down to that same low level, what
makes you think anybody would wish to do business with you?

Robert G. Melson | Rio Grande MicroSolutions | El Paso, Texas
"People unfit for freedom---who cannot do much with it---are
hungry for power." ---Eric Hoffer


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