Re: McCanney's Algorithm for Calculating Primes

In article <404ee4-e3a.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Chris F.A. Johnson" <cfajohnson@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
|> On 2007-04-05, dave wrote:
|> > The book contains a prohibition against posting any of its content
|> > (directly quoted or paraphrased) to the internet.
|> Copyright does not cover ideas, only the words used for their
|> expression, so a paraphrase cannot be prohibited.

Unless it was bought under contract (including licence). I doubt that
it was.

|> > So anyone not willing to spend $20 to get a copy of McCanney's book
|> > should just forget about his algorithm for calculating primes and
|> > move along.

I am prepared to bet that the book contains nothing that isn't already
known to number theorists, couched in some incomprehensible gibberish
to make it hard for anyone to discover that fact. It may include some
things that most mathematicians don't know off the top of their heads,
but that isn't the same.

Even if "dave" were to put his money where his mouth is and back such
a bet, I am disinclined to waste the effort proving the matter.

Nick Maclaren.

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