Re: Direct calculation of Primes - Possible?

dave <daf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Marc Espie <espie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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dave <daf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just listened to McCanney's March 22 radio show. McCanney claims that
the prime numbers form an infinite closed group with the group operator
being simple addition.

5 + 3 = 8

obviously false...

Dave, stop acting like an idiot.


5 is not a 'perfect number' as would be computed by McCanney's generator
function. I assume from your wrong example that you have not yet read
McCanney's book.

Then he has not idea what a group is.
A group is a set with an operation, which takes pairs of members into
anothe member. and such that the inverse exists.
Since the primes are a group, and addition is the operation, that operation
must take an arbitrary pair of members ( 3 and 5 are both primes) into
another member (8).
I am afraid that either you ro McCanney or both is the idiot.


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