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On 2006-05-20, Todd H. <comphelp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you're serious about security, you'll want a more featureful
firewall than the standard $60 linky.

For that, `linux' can provide the tools to do it. One can use a simple
old desktop with two (or more) network cards. Another way is to get a
small board that doesn't need much power and/or room like a linksys but
that does allow you to install a better OS on it. Some off-the-shelf
routers allow you to put linux on them (a certain netgear model, I

Linksys wrt54g is among them. There's a good deal of 3rd party
open source firmware for them.

Mini-ITX based machines are often used for this purpose as well. Also, (various models) and pc engines (their WRAP board) make
low-power boards that run a variety of free unices (*BSD, linux). boxes are kewl.

I am not affiliated with either. See also: for a
FreeBSD based project; their hardware links might be of interest.

Todd H.