Re: all-in-one server

ekrajb <no@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

I think I just keep my Linksys Router then.
Thank you for the answer.

Do a few things to that though:
a) make sure it's a newer one that has a stateful packet
inspection (SPI) firewall. The older packet filtering
firewalls are pretty easy to bypass.
b) make sure the firmware is up to date. some linky's have
exploits out for them that make them trivial to
compromise. Attacker gets admin access, slides your
servers into the DMZ of the router, and presto, you're no
longer behind the firewall like you thin kyou are
c) please tell me the administrator password has been set to
something different than the default.
d) you will want to send the logs somewhere to an inside box
to tie into the intrusion detection system.

If you're serious about security, you'll want a more featureful
firewall than the standard $60 linky. And in order to get web
services through the linky and such, makes sure your configurations
are secure.

Good luck!

Best Regards,
Todd H.