Re: What is the verdict on using Anti Virus software on Solaris?

From: Dimitri Maziuk (dima_at_127.0.0.1)
Date: 09/22/05

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    Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 15:57:53 +0000 (UTC)
    > Thanks everyone,
    > These systems are mainly Oracle servers, with sevearl instances on
    > each. There are no windows shares and the only "users" are admins and
    > DBAs. There are mail messages generated and sent out, would those be
    > considered possible weak spots?

    Only if someone hacks the server and starts using it to spam the world.
    In which case viruses are the least of your worries.

    ... They are being relayed to internal
    > Windows Exchange servers which already have scanners on them so would
    > this be uneeded redundancy?


    > - this scanner is ridiculously intensive; on my test system, a V250
    > with 2 procs and 25gb of space used, it pegs the CPUS at 40% and has
    > been running for about 1 hour now with no signs of slowing down. Our
    > biggest systems have upwards of 1/2 a terabyte of data, I shudder to
    > think how long this scan wil render those systems practically unusable.

    1. Get the request in writing, signed. Scan it in and attach it to
    2. an e-mail (or printed memo) explaining that installing antivirus
    on DB servers will result in severe performance drop, while serving
    no useful purpose. CCs to requestor's supervisor, and yours.
    3. Write an e-mail template: "Dear <luser>, the problems you are
    describing are the result of <person>'s (name names) order to install
    unneeded anti-virus software on database servers. Please see the
    original request and my reply attached below, and complain to <person>,
    their supervisor, and my supervisor (name names). I will be happy to
    remedy the situation as soon as I get a go-ahead from the management.
    Sincerly yours."
    Attach the request and your memo. Add said supervisors to CC list.
    4. Install the software.
    5. When lusers start complaininig about database slowness and payroll
    doesn't get processed on time, send them the reply you prepared earlier.


    ... If you want to make sure you don't put a Pig in a List of airplanes and
    have it fail at insertion rather than extraction, use
    planelist.add((Airplane)o) instead of planelist.add(o).  It's that easy.
                                                         -- Mark 'Kamikaze' Hughes

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