Re: Free Random Password Generator

From: Bruno Wolff III (
Date: 10/07/04

Date: 7 Oct 2004 03:29:10 GMT

In article <cjsfol$i55$>, Bill Unruh wrote:
> ibuprofin@painkiller.example.tld (Moe Trin) writes:
> ]In article <cjq2qd$flq$>, Bill Unruh wrote:
> ]>ibuprofin@painkiller.example.tld (Moe Trin) writes:
> ]>
> ]>]Big fscking deal - anyone can do
> ]>
> ]>]head -2 /dev/random | uuencode ZZZZ
> ]>
> ]>]then take the first 10 or twenty characters of the result.
> ]>
> ]>And then immediately forget it.
> ]Nah, you're supposed to write it down on a yellow sticky note
> ]and paste it to the monitor. If it's got to be secret, you
> ]hide the sticky note under the mouse pad.
> Yup. sounds right. In fact that is the only thing you can do with passwords
> like that.

My personal experience is that it is easy to remember 8 character passwords
generated fairly uniformly over the set of printable characters if I actually
type them in on a regular basis. I suspect the problem is that a lot of
people balk at using such passwords without really trying them or they
rarely ever enter their password making it harder to remember random

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