Re: fighting fire with fire as an approach to better network security?!?!?

From: Colin McKinnon (
Date: 03/07/04

Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 17:01:01 +0000

Walt Howard spilled the following:

> In article <>,
> technocrat <> wrote:
>>I don't want to influence a discussion on way or the other, but this
>>is a really interesting approach to network security. So, check outů
> Dubious claim. Accurately identifying the attackers can be quite
> difficult
> and may be impossible. Much can be spoofed, because few edge routers are
> configured to test outgoing source adddresses. Counterattacking the wrong
> source makes you no better than the original attackers.

It's probably also ILLEGAL to use the software in the UK, possibly other
countries too.