Re: Port 135 Probes Continue

From: NeoSadist (
Date: 12/18/03

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 22:07:03 -0700

Bit Twister wrote:

> On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 22:53:44 +0100, Ronald van der Westen wrote:
>> that wont help if you do not tell your pc what ${IPTABLES} and the other
>> variables mean ....maybe this helps....
> Any answer can be right or wrong. The OP did not specify which
> firewall tool he was using to manage his iptables.
> Your answer could be correct until he reboots and the old rules are put
> back in service.

1) Who cares what firewall tool he's using to manage IPTables? Linux people
need to learn IPTables itself, not get some front-end, but that's my
2) "Until he reboots and the old rules are put back in service", well that's
his fault for either using a front-end that does that without asking, or
for using the save / restore feature (which I've noticed causing
SuSE/Redhat/Mandrake people problems when they go to edit the settings by

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