Re: Senior Security Analyst - Toronto

From: Dragan Cvetkovic (
Date: 05/12/03

Date: 12 May 2003 16:35:34 -0400

<> writes:

> Senior Security Analyst - Toronto


> 3-5 years experience in security related activities, plus an additional 3-5
> years in other technical computer jobs such as systems/network management
> and analysis.


> Minimum 6 years of Canadian work experience.

Interesting. If the person only has 6 years of work experience (3+3 from
above), then it all must be in Canada. I know that companies (or at least
job agencies) in Canada try to filter out "the new immigrants", but this is
more than bizarre.

Not to mention that a job posting is OT here.

Bye, Dragan

Dragan Cvetkovic, 
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