Re: privacy on Unix-servers

Date: 01/22/03

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 19:44:06 +0000 (UTC)

steve <> wrote:
> I am user of a Unix-server (actually IRIX) that is connected with the
> internet. I am also quite a newbie on Unix, so my question now is, if
> the administrators (or you call them super-users AFAIK) are able to
> check and read my data that I store in my account. And could they
> possibly trace all my actions?

Administrators can always read your data , this is nothing unique of
unix it's merely a fact of "powerful users".

They could probably trace your actions too, but this would be
an offence in many countries.

> Very probably you can't know how this is in my special case, but maybe
> there are some standards in the Unix-OS architecture that make an
> intrusion into the privacy impossible.

PGP will take you very far, and this on _any_ architecture.

> Thank you!

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        IPSec  Sverige      ( At Gothenburg Riverside )
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