Re: VPN -- there has to be something better than cisco or microsoft

From: those who know me have no need of my name (
Date: 12/31/02

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    From: those who know me have no need of my name <>
    Date: 31 Dec 2002 16:22:00 GMT

    in i read:
    >those who know me have no need of my name <> wrote:
    >> in i read:
    >>>HalDoll2002 wrote:
    >>>> Is there a good software solution for setting up a VPN (IPsec, firewall,
    >>>> tunneling, etc.) without having to be a full-blown network engineer to
    >>>> set up?
    >>>> I am looking for something that 1) Can be
    >>>> downloaded from the web.
    >>>> 2) Can let me set up secure and authenticated VPN connections over standard
    >>>> dial-up IP.
    >>>> 3) Is NOT difficult to set up (I am not a high-powered techie, and we don't
    >>>> have one working here).
    >>>> 4) Is NOT expensive.
    >>>> Questions: A) Are these expectations reasonable?
    >>>> B) Where can I find a solution?
    >>>> C) What is the right price range for this?
    >>>> D) Am I right or what about Cisco and Microsoft
    >> bwahahahahaha. that's a joke, right?
    >Nope. It's the "reference platform". You can buy installed
    >boxes ( is one )

    please note the requirements again. a pre-installed box may satisfy #3,
    provided it already does 2 out of the box, otherwise i suspect that the
    learning curve will be significant enough that `i am not a ...' will be

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