Re: This is why businesses should avoid windoze/unix/linux ...

Date: 06/12/02

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> > >VMS is the only secure web platform today ...

> wrong, security is how well and with what the os has been written ...

This price goes to the AS/400, because of features like
Pointer-Protection and OO programming techniques. No other operating
system uses similar technologies (and, of course, there is no suitable
hardware on other systems)

> VMS has over 22 years under its belt, and has proved itself ...

VMS has quite good security, but it's by far not the most secure OS

> go look up certs, vms wins ... even defcon9 agreed ... VMS is "really"
> secure ...

I disagree. If something wins, then probably something like Trusted
Irix, Argus' Pitbull .comPack or Trusted Solaris would take the price.

There are a lot of really secure Trusted Operating Systems built on
very advanced Unix kernels.

Pitbull secured Unices have much more fine grained
privilege/authorization concepts (more than 100 privileges and up to
65535 free-configurable authorization classes) than OpenVMS and also
much better networking security.

You may want to take a look at

Pitbull is available for Solaris and AIX.

There are Sites running Trusted Unices certified at the TCSEC B3
level. No fully featured eCommerce OS has ever been certified at the
A1. As far as I know, Unix is the only OS category where B3 secure
installations exist.