Re: small secure POP3 servers?

From: Ashok Aiyar (
Date: 12/27/01

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    From: Ashok Aiyar <>
    Date: 27 Dec 2001 20:44:56 GMT

    On Thu, 27 Dec 2001 14:06:28 -0500,
        Ryn ( wrote:
    > Has anyone found a small simple POP3 server? I am being forced :( to
    > implement one for a
    > group of users at the office. I am mostly concerned about teh security
    > issues, but would also
    > like something that has been audited and is relatively easily to configure.

    Qpopper is simple to setup -- runs as a standalone daemon, or out
    of (x|b)inetd -- whatever superserver you use. It can be compiled
    with SSL support (you need to have installed either SSL Plus or

    Available from:


    Ashok Aiyar
    RLU #51601