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From: Martin Bishop (
Date: 12/22/01

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    From: "Martin Bishop" <>
    Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 00:06:23 -0500

    It's insane for anyone to think that this happens overnight. If you're
    serious about security be ready for the long haul.

    Focus on network engineering : learn ip and know it well

    Learn C: Once you learn C all of these other languages are kiddy stuff. You
    need to write your own programs and decipher other programs in the future.

    Encryption is the last thing you should focus on. Pick up what you can, but
    understand that once you serious go down that path you're more than likely
    to devote all of your time to it. There are very few cryptographers and
    cryptanalyst who work on something as trivial as firewalls.

    Joom <> wrote in message news:9vsmji$iva$
    > I want to perfect my knowledge about the security (I know just a little
    > and I've seen many books about this themes!!
    > There are many subject like: Firewall, cryptography; ssh and many more but
    > could you please tell me what is the most important to learn first, then
    > second... and what are the best books, books for a novice until for a
    > security's guru?
    > Thanks a lot in advance,
    > Joom