Re: putty client to sshd server (openssh)

It works fine after I force use of scp protocol by using the "-scp"
option to pscp.

On Mar 10, 10:48 am, niko <mikeawolf...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a FreeBSD unix server that is running OpenSSH.

I set up some tests to do some simple 'scp' commands from different
client machines, and now I'm testing the ability to restrict access
using the 'command=' option, starting with the most simple commands
like "/bin/echo this is a test"

When I execute an 'scp' or 'ssh' command to the server from my mac OS
X client, it works perfectly fine.

However, when I run a 'putty' or 'pscp' command from a windows 7
client, I get
"Fatal:  Out of memory"
without the 'command=' option, all 'putty' and 'pscp' commands work
perfectly well.
Other restrictive options to the '.ssh/suthorized_keys' file work
fine; e.g. 'no-port-forwarding'.

I tried searching this group to see if this issue has been addressed,
but had no luck.
The only thing I can guess at this point is that somehow 'putty' and
'pscp' act fundamentally different somehow.  For example, 'scp' and
'ssh' run from a mac terminal window runs the commands in this window
entirely, but when I issue 'pscp' and 'putty' commands in a Windows 7
'Command Prompt' window, another window opens where the commands are
actually performed (which is not desirable anyway).

Sorry if this issue has been addressed already and thanks in advance
to anyone who can point me to a resolution.