Re: SSH tunnels woes with Putty

On Dec 26, 10:49 am, Jacob Nevins <jac...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Al writes:
I REALLY hope someone here can help me. I have been trying to setup a
SSH tunnel so that when I surf the net on my laptop I can SSH into my
Ubuntu box at home and go through that for web page traffic.

Now I tried to connect to Ubuntu@home from laptop running Win7 with:

putty -ssh -l username -P 443 -D 8080 -v

and the connection establishes just fine, but when I surf to I get a different WAN IP to my Ubuntu WAN IP.

and later:

Thanks - still not working but only with IE8. FF is fine ala:

In that screenshot, in what looks like IE's proxy configuration dialog
(second from the left at the top), you have "Automatically detect
settings" checked. There's a note above that saying "Automatic
configuration may override manual settings. To ensure the use of manual
settings, disable automatic configuration." Could that be the source of
your problem?

Good spotting Jacob. I had picked up on that myself and have tried it
with and without - no diff.