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I am using Windows 7 and the latest version of putty/plink.

I want automate execution of a script on a remote computer. I wrote a
batch file to run plink in the flowing fashion:
plink -l username -pw password  ./ -

I hoped that it will execute the script and exit without prompting for
anything, but it actually prompts for my user name and password. What
is wrong here? The documentation says that -l specifies the user name
and -pw the password.
I have tried the following as well:
putty -l username -pw password

And it connected me without questions, but using putty will not help
me to automate things.

Any ideas how can I solve this?

I normally do

plink -pw <password> <username>@<hostname>

which works perfect.

I get:

C:\Users\Me\Downloads>plink.exe -pw <password> <username>@<host>
login as: <username>
<username>@<host>: Command not found.

Err... did you replace the parts in <> by the respective values? It
should look like

plink -pw yourpassword yourlo...@xxxxxxxxxxxx

without any < or > left.

Yes, I did that.
Are you running this on Windows?