Re: PuTTY tunneling breaks php generated pages on windows vista/7

On Jul 6, 4:03 pm, Man-wai Chang <toylet.toy...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
through thehttps://localhostURL. When starting with a plain
installation of Vista or windows 7 the same actions result in half way
broken pages (i.e. just like the connection to be reset during the
transfer of the page content) or pages not displaying at all.
Remote Server: Centos 5.4 running FreePBX (a PHP application)
Tunneling: any chosen local host ->  localhost:443 (on the server)

Are you absolutely sure that Apache or FreePBX isn't the problem? Could
it be your wireless router?

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Of course I am never sure of anything, it could be the wireless router
(which I don't have). The point is: I got a fairly standard setup
working perfectly for years using PuTTY on windows XP. Then only the
OS have been changed (its a plain install with or without patches) to
windows 7 (the same thing happens with windows vista) and presto: I
got all these sort of problems with SSL encrypted pages over a
standard 443 tunneling using PuTTY. So why should I blame Apache or my
router and not the different implementation of winsock under Vista/7?
Comparing the putty logs I can see the following on the offending

00000dc0 4b 6e 40 b4 18 74 f7 c3 f2 c3 a6 76 f5 2b d5 17
00000dd0 03 01 00 20 13 a7 22 ec 30 2e 53 b4 29 0c 47 cc ... ..".
00000de0 62 0b 36 9f d9 de 68 01 82 9d b8 79 f1 93 d3 31 b.
00000df0 2a e1 c7 70 *..p
Incoming packet #0x1e7, type 96 / 0x60 (SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_EOF)
00000000 00 00 01 01 ....
Outgoing packet #0x1d5, type 97 / 0x61 (SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_CLOSE)
00000000 00 00 00 01 ....
Outgoing raw data
00000000 1d e1 09 8c 6e 85 e6 2c 5e af 09 bc 70 ea b7
63 ....n..,^...p..c
00000010 cd d9 02 90 80 a4 44 f9 04 b7 d0 d0 1d 5c da
c8 ......D......\..
00000020 f9 a4 07 e8 ....
Event Log: Nothing left to send, closing channel
Event Log: Forwarded port closed
Incoming raw data
00000000 5b e3 98 a8 eb a3 4e 2a 01 13 c8 6f cf a4 03 4b
00000010 32 3b 8b df 8b d1 4b cb a6 cf df 24 b3 43 79 20
00000020 3d f5 78 b1 =.x.
Incoming packet #0x1e8, type 97 / 0x61 (SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_CLOSE)
00000000 00 00 01 01

The CHANNEL_CLOSE and EOF do not appear under Windows XP thus the
message: "Nothing left to send, closing channel".


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