Re: Format of host keys in ~/.ssh/known_hosts

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Russell Hoover <rj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
unruh <unruh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


HashKnownHosts yes in /etc/ssh/ssh_config which tells it to hash
the hostname. REmove that and get human readable hostnames.

I'm all for these things being there for the paranoid, but having it
as the default in /etc/ssh/ssh_config doesn't quite make sense to
me. I want to be able to look at my own known_hosts file and know
what's there so it doesn't become a big unweildy mess.

It is your distribution which, I believe, made it the
default. Certainly the stock ssh default has been to have this as
no. What distro are you using?

May be it's Debian?

--cut: ssh_config(5) --
Note that the Debian openssh-client package sets several options as stan-
dard in /etc/ssh/ssh_config which are not the default in ssh(1):

o SendEnv LANG LC_*
o HashKnownHosts yes
o GSSAPIAuthentication yes
--cut: ssh_config(5) --

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