Re: Which SSH key types (RSA,DSA,1024,2048,...) recommended/most widely used?

On Jan 22, 11:29 am, pins1...@xxxxxxxxx (Peter Insold) wrote:
When I generate SSH keys then a couple of different types are possible, e..g.

SSH-1-RSA 2048
SSH-2 RSA 2048
SSH-2 DSA 1024

If I have to select (only) one of them: Which is the recommended type?
Which is the most used (for Solaris/Linux target SSH server/computer)?


I've been using 2048 keys for some time and would recommend avoiding
1024 bit keys - these days there's no detectable performance impact,
and although 1024 bits is probably still secure, it's much more likely
that 1024 will be factored before 2048 bit keys.

I can't tell you if any of your systems can't support ssh2, but if
they all can, then there's no reason to use the older protocol.