SSH with CopSSH and Win 7 shows unusual Tunnel Behavior

Per the subject, I was setting up CopSSH under Win 7 for the first
time, and it installed fine. I then went to connect from another
machine using Putty, and was getting timeouts. Went into Windows
Firewall and setup an inbound rule and an outbound rule to open Port
22 (evidently that no longer happens automatically), and Putty then
connected appropriately.

I then setup the Tunnel option using Dynamic 1081, and set Firefox to
use that as it's proxy. I can tell Firefox is using it properly
because if it's not up and running I get the message about the Proxy
Server being offline. However, when it IS using it, I can see that the
DNS is being resolved (i.e. I can navigate), but the pages always come
up blank.

Any ideas?

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