Re: How to authenticate many users with the same public key.

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Hi Thorvald,

Hi Hans,
Thank you for your answer.

It's not impossible per se. You could give your colleagues the same set
of keys, both public and private. I wouldn't recommend it though, why
not give everyone his own key and install their public key on all
servers? You can distribute and maintain those public keys quite easily
with rsync.
I can't give them the same keys as I tried and it didn't work. Don't
know what did I do wrong. I don't want to give everyone his own key as
it will be valid only per person PC. We have to connect via VPN from
homes and we have to have the same key for everybody.

If you want to get rid of maintaing accounts and public keys on all your
servers, I can recommend Active Directory / Kerberos. Configure your
server to use Kerberos and maintain your accounts only there. It does
take a bit of work to set it up, but as soon as it works, you have onle
one place to do your account (and key) maintenance.
I don't want to as we've got some private servers too, so we can't do
it. All servers are virtual and I don't think that would work with AD
or any other AAA. Too much of work for nothing.

I remember that once on one server in my previous company but I did it
like to hold on USB stick a keys, and I had putty prepared to use keys
from USB. I could use these on all servers I had. But now ... simply I
don't remember what to do and how :/.

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Thank you for your answer again.