Re: SCP protocol

On May 18, 3:43 pm, yawnmoth <terra1...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The SFTP draft is draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer-extensions. Presumably it
is so named because the channel request initializes a subsystem named
'sftp'. Is there a subsystem named 'scp', as well, or does scp, the
program, use the 'sftp' subsystem?

If there were a subsystem named 'scp' then where is it defined? states "The SCP protocol, which runs on port 22, is
similar to the BSD rcp protocol, however unlike rcp, data is encrypted
during transfer, to avoid potential packet sniffers extracting usable
information from the data packets. The protocol itself does not
provide authentication and security; it relies on the underlying
protocol, SSH, to provide these features."

That's nice. Where, then, is rcp defined? I tried to do a Google
search for "rcp specification" (without the double quotes) and got
hits for "remote procedure call".

Plus, the specification for rcp isn't going to tell you, for example,
the subsystem name for scp - presumably only the scp protocol
specification would do that.

I tried to do a search for "scp specification" and got hits for "smart
card platform". Well, I did get a few hits for the scp command, as
well, but knowing how to call scp via the command line tells you
nothing about the underlying protocol that it is implementing.