Re: forwarded-tcpip vs. direct-tcpip

On May 2, 10:28 pm, yawnmoth <terra1...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
looking over RFC4254, it looks as though the chief difference between
forwarded-tcpip and direct-tcpip is the fact that the latter requires
forwarding be requested via a tcpip-forward SSH_MSG_GLOBAL_REQUEST
message whereas the latter does not.  my question is...  why would you
want to chose one over the other?  PuTTY appears to only support
direct-tcpip, for example.

According to, direct-tcpip is for "client-to-server
forwarded connections" and forwarded-tcpip is for "server-to-client
forwarded connections". Ignoring the fact that I'm not even sure
where, in RFC4254, this is stated, under what circumstances would you
want to forward connections from the server to the client? I can't
see, for example, why an SSH server would want an SSH client, for
example, to make an HTTP request on its behalf and forward the result
back to the server.