Re: ssh private and public keys known_host etc...

SpreadTooThin schrieb:
Under my user account there is a .ssh sub directory with a know_hosts

My question is on the process of generating the private / public keys
and storeing them in the .ssh directory.

If I generate the key file do I generate it on the host I want to ssh
to or on the host I am ssh'ing from?

both methods should work. But i would prefer to generate the key on the
local host (the one, I am ssh'ing from). Simple reason: You have to
transport the _public_ key to the remote box in this case. That is no
problem. If you generate the keys on remote host, you have to transport
the private key to the local host. This might be a security problem.

ssh-keygen -b 1024 -t dsa mykey

Is the pass phrase that is requested the ssh password that I log into
the server with?

private key is on localhost, pubkey on remote host. The passphrase you
are asked for, is the pass phrase to use the private key.

There are two files that are generated by this command, one I believe
is the private key and the other the public key. So do I give the
public key to people who I want to give access to?

~/.ssn/id_dsa is the private key. Dont give it away to anyone.
~/.ssh/ is the public key. Anyone may know this key. You can
connect to users, that have this key in their ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

But: Everyone, how has your private key (and knows the passphrase) can
connect to these users.

Then the public add the public key file to the known_host file?

The ~/.ssh/konwn_host file identifies hosts you have connected to. It
prevents man in the middle attacks.


No. You could read man ssh and man sshd



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