Re: Tunnel with same listen and destination port

hidden@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I'm trying to tunnel remote desktop to a machine on another network.
When I log into the SSH server(unix/linux), I can ping the windows
machine successfully from that machine I am SSH'd into. So in my SSH
client I have set it up to request a tunnel with listen port 3389 and
destionation of 3389 and the destination hostname.

When I connect I get an error like "Failed to create an outgoing

If I set the source port to 3388, and connect, then I do not get this
error. I don't quite understand why.

Review netstat -an | grep 3389 on the originating machine. Perhaps
RDP is running on it and you're not aware.

Maybe my computer is already listening for 3389 and the SSH client
can't connect to it as well?

That's usually the issue.

You might also post what commandline you're using for this, or what
tools/entries into dialog boxes you're using to make sure something
else isn't awry.

Todd H.

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