Re: A Tunneling question - How does one use corkscrew , ssh , and eg firefox ?

"JH" == jameshanley39@yahoo co uk <jameshanley39@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

JH> hi this question is largely an ssh question... `cos corkscrew is
JH> used through ProxyCommand in ssh_config . Corkscrew has no
JH> mailing list as of writing. I am sure some SSH users here use it
JH> with corkscrew.

JH> I am having some trouble trying to figure out how to get corkscrew
JH> working.

JH> I am using squid as http and https proxy. As a test, so
JH> (squid`s default port is 3128)..

JH> As I understand it, I should be able to set up any browser or ftp
JH> client or whatever, to tunnel through the squid HTTPS proxy, and I
JH> use corkscrew to do it.

No. Corkscrew is a tool for establishing a single connection to a remote
TCP port, through an HTTP proxy which supports the CONNECT method. The
proxied TCP stream is connected to the stdin/stdout of the corkscrew

JH> I have tried a few things though, without even getting as far as
JH> firefox, and it gets nowhere.

JH> usage: corkscrew <proxyhost> <proxyport> <desthost> <destport>
JH> [authfile] $ corkscrew 3128 443 ~/a.a

JH> I do not know what user/pass to put in the authfile, since HTTPs
JH> sites like do not require one from the browser.

The username/password is in case the *proxy* requires authentication to
use it.

JH> I tried this in ssh_config ProxyCommand corkscrew 3128
JH> %h %p ~/a.a

JH> then ssh 443 and ssh -p 443

JH> but no luck

JH> I have no idea how to go about using ssh with corkscrew.

And I have no idea what you're trying to do. :) has no
SSH server running on the standard port (22), and on port 443 it has what
you would expect -- an https server. What do you expect to do with SSH in
this context?

Richard Silverman