Re: sftp and directory group writable

On Mon, 10 Dec 2007 11:39:18 -0400, Jason wrote:

We have a server that has a client connecting to using sftp to get a
file that is put there by the mainframe. The client has requested that
the group write permission be removed from the directory they connect to
for security reasons, I understand this, doing this however requires
that changes be made on the mainframe which the mainframe folks are
hesistant to do. Or making changes on the server which I'm
hesistant to do as it's only this client that is using sftp.

Am I correct in my understanding that sftp will work with the group
writable bit set on the directory? The only people in the group that
they are concerned about is them and the mainframe account.


No, it is only extensible in the later stages.
Alric Knebel