Re: ssh remote command problem;

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rpnabar@xxxxxxxxx writes:

I did the fix as a normal user. So did NOT touch the /usr/bin/scp as
root. (we have many other users so I prefer not to mess with my root
privilages) I aliased my scp to ~/bin/scp in which I stuffed the shell
script you recommended.

THat one invokes the ~/bin/run_post_processor which does the
postprocessing. Works like clockwork.

But it seems to get invked on outgoing scp calls as well.(obviously!)
Is there any way to test/prevent that?

You can do what the scp code itself does:

while ((ch = getopt(argc, argv, "dfl:prtvBCc:i:P:q1246S:o:F:")) != -1)
switch (ch) {
/* Server options. */
case 'd':
targetshouldbedirectory = 1;
case 'f': /* "from" */
iamremote = 1;
fflag = 1;
case 't': /* "to" */
iamremote = 1;
tflag = 1;

I.e. only invoke the postprocessor when one of the 't' and 'f' options
are given.

--Per Hedeland