OpenSSH on Windows 2003 SFTP File permisssions

I apologize in advance as this is my first post..

I have installed openssh on a Windows 2003 server and am using
Filezilla as the client. Basic functionality sftp is working fine.

I require 2 users - 1 that puts files up to the server and 1 that gets
the files and then deletes the file afterwards. My issue is that the
second user who gets the file cannot delete it as the permission on
the file is independent of the ntfs perms and only the user who puts
the file there has enough perms to delete it.

Does anyone know how I can pass the ntfs perms or how I can assign the
appropriate perms to any incoming files? I think my openssh is the
'stripped down' version vs the one included within a cygwin

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.