Re: Quick question | Hummingbird Connectivity Secure Shell Version 12.00

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Recently we requested our IT group to install an SSH server on one of
our windows servers so that we can use SSH to login / sftp etc. We
had suggested that they install OpenSSH, but the problem the IT group
faced was that OpenSSH was not the standard. So finally they came up
with a standard and have now installed "Hummingbird Connectivity
Secure Shell Version 12.00".

Now I am almost sure that "Hummingbird Connectivity Secure Shell
Version 12.00" is a client software to connect to an SSH server and is
not an SSH server. So this would be useless to me. But before I go and
tell the IT group that this would not work I just wanted to ensure
that my understanding is correct. Can "Hummingbird Connectivity Secure
Shell Version 12.00" be used as an SSH server?

This is what I found on the Hummingbird website for the description of
the product: "Hummingbird Exceed version 12.0 lets you access
applications on UNIX work stations from existing Windows based
personal computers. It lets you run and display UNIX, Linux, VMS or X
windows application (X clients) and intergrates your desktop with X
window systems, IBM and the internet.This product along with
connectivity secure shell will be mainly used by system

So I seem to be correct that it is only an SSH client and not an SSH
server - can somebody quickly confirm - Thanks so much.

Looks like it by all accounts. I saw an Exceed box in my closet just
yesterday and thought "with xorg available for windows, and all manner
of open source conenctivity tools, how are these people still in
business?" Management that's scared of open source is probably the

At any rate, if you need a good ssh server for Win, look into
VanDyke's vshell server.

I can confirm this from my experience with it 5 years ago. You want
CygWin, or a stripped CygWin based SSH server. has something
they call the "Connector" for Windows.

Thank you both so much for your responses. Can you also please answer
a few related questions? Is there any SSH server software available
from Hummingbird (Exceed) the company? If not - is there any
commercial SSH server software available other than OpenSSH and
Further what would you suggest is the best way to show the IT team
that SSH server is not installed. I tried pinging the host using
"telnet <win-host> 22" and "telnet <win-host> 23". Both did not work -
is that enough proof to go with to prove that SSH server is not
running on the windows box?

Thanks again.