Re: sshd and redhat 6.2 (!)

On 2007-08-19, Nico <nkadel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Frankly, do not expect to be able to simply slap in recent versions of
*anything*. This especially includes packages like OpenSSH that were
not designed for Linux and which are reliant on so many other
components. The work of porting the OpenBSD versions to other
operating systems is not small: it's not fair to ask the developers to
backport it that far, as well.

FWIW, the effort required to port OpenSSH to older Linuxes (or ones
of Redhat 6.2 vintage, anyway) is smaller than the effort to port it
to other platforms. At one point I had it fully functional even
on 2.0 kernel based systems (after working around a bug in descriptor
passing) although that's probably not been tested for a while.

In general, once it's working on a given platform it will usually continue
to work, modulo minor problems like #includes and such. It's rare
that support for platforms is dropped, and it's usually because of some
missing fundamental feature. (The last example of this would probably
be dropping support for compilers that don't have a 64 bit native type
such as "long long", which happened in 3.7x).

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