Re: error: bind: Address already in use

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The issue it seems is related to the desktop application (Genaro
Desktop Client program) having issues specifying a port or trying too.
Putty works fine, Genaro using part of the callable putty routines has
the issue.

Where are you seeing the error message? If in a syslog file
(e.g. /var/log/messages) it should also have the pid of the reporter,
allowing you to determine whether it comes from the already running sshd
or another instance trying to start, as claimed by others.

Oops, that's not true of course, it will never come from the daemon
process since it will fork() before anything is done with the connection.

The error will also be reported if a client requests a reverse port
forwarding from a port that is in use by some other process

I still believe this is the most likely cause if it is triggered by a
client connection, and if you get the

Aug 23 21:43:24 otherhost sshd[90398]: error:
channel_setup_fwd_listener: cannot listen to port: 6000

message, there's no doubt. Not sure if all versions of sshd will log
this message though - if you don't see it, running sshd in debug mode
may provide more clues.

--Per Hedeland