Re: openssh: publickey authentication does not work, although key is found


Bernd Strieder wrote:

Aug 14 17:01:28 myhost sshd[13679]: Postponed publickey for foobar
from <....> port 11421 ssh2

According to the sources this means that the server verified that the
client has the matching public key only, but did not send a test
message signed by the private key, to really check the public key
against. Openssh seems to just record this, for added trust, or
whatever, but no authentication is happening.

So it seems like the client not trying to do real publickey
authentication. Could anybody confirm?

Since the client with problems is a foreign machine, I have to see to
get their logs. I have not been able to reproduce on the local
machines. Hopefully this is just some bad default configuration.

Bernd Strieder


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