Errorlevel capturing from plink?

I am able to connect via SSH to my server and run remote commands.
This seems to work fine interactively and so now I am trying create a
script to automate some commands. I am using plink with a command line

plink -batch -i c:\myppk.ppk user@server cmd /c c:\temp

The connection works fine, and the command file does execute on the
remote server. However, my problem is that if the remote command file
fails for any reason, I don't seem to be able to capture this via an
errorlevel locally in my script. Plink always seems to return an
errorlevel = 0, even when I have redirected the errorlevel on the
server to a file and know it is non-zero. The commandfile.cmd on the
server currently finishes with:


Am I doing something obviously wrong?

Thanks in advance,
Phil Rossiter