Re: SSH compile error

Steven Borrelli <sborrelli8@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

When I tried doing a "make" on SSH 1.2.33, I got a bunch of error
messages. Most of them are coming from a file called "divmod_1.c",
reporting syntax errors and stuff, as posted below:

The last time I compiled that was in 2002. There isn't much effort
being put into keeping that software up-to-date.

The chances are that there is a problem related to your include
files. I suggest manually running that program through the
preprocessor (usually add a '-E' to the "cc" or "gcc" command),
then try compiling the preprocessor output. The problem will likely
be obvious in the preprocessor output.

Assuming you find it, you then will have to decide how to deal with
the problem. Choosing not to install SSH 1.2.33 comes to mind as
the simplest option.