Re: FTP Encryption

On 20 May, 22:41, Darren Tucker <dtuc...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2007-04-20, Nico <nka...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
[...]> sftp is basically an FTP like interface stapled on top of SSH and SCP.


No, it's not, they're distinct protocols which have almost nothing
in common other than starting with the letter "s". Normally they use
SSH as a transport in different ways, too.

OpenSSH's sftp certainly doesn't use scp in any way. I'm not aware of
any implementation's "sftp" program that uses scp.

Thank you for the correction. But it certainly suffered from some of
the same limitations as scp, or has the transfer of symlinks as
symlinks been corrected yet? And yes, I'm a brokern record about this,
but neither ssh nor scp nor sftp have proper chroot cages for their
server's home directories to keep clients out of the rest of the
operating systems system files.

Most of the other so-called "sftp" services include that chroot
business as a matter of course. As much as I like SSH for its
usefulness and shell access, the difference between sftp and scp was
aways..... small. Has the funtionality changed in any noticeable way?