Re: Executing scripts on the remote machine

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I'm trying to run a configure script located on a remote server.
I login, cd, and try to run './configure', but get:
./configure: not found

ls -la ./configure
What does that command return?

-rwxr-xr-x 1 admin wheel 60813 Apr 21 15:41 ./configure

Being new to this, I don't know what else to try. (The file is
specifying a complete path does not help; it's a POSIX shell on

through ssh.

It should work. Can you test another shell script? Or is the partition
mounted in some odd fashion?

There are a few more things to try.

Running a shell script means that two programs have to exist, both
the script itself and the shell interpreter. Problems with either
will cause problems, possibly resulting your error message: not found.

I've seen numerous scripts with "all the world is Linux" syndrome.
Have a look at the look at the first line of your configure
script. It should say "#!/bin/sh" or something very similar.
Common errors are for it to say "#!/usr/bin/sh" or "#!/bin/bash"
or "#!/usr/bin/bash". All of these are likely to cause problems
on at least some systems, possibly including yours.

Just as an experiment, try the following:
/bin/sh ./configure

- dmw

It is "#!/bin/sh". /bin/sh ./configure works. Thank you all!