Re: SSH on armv5tel: "You don't exist, go away!"

maurizio.crozzoli@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
And we didn't have to add nsswitch.conf at the moment either.

Yup, the default works, but defaults have gotchas. Which is why you
should RTF nsswitch.conf manual anyway.

Now two new items separate us from a successful usage of ssh:
1. we're using DHCP on the lab board where the PXA we're talking about
is and it looks like that a change in the address of the PXA doesn't
let other machine recognize it through ssh link: we have to remove the
known_host file and restart. It's not a serious problem but maybe
there's a clever solution to it.

2. Authentication throug public key works perfectly (we tried both ssh
and scp) but it does NOT work at all if you use passwords (the first
time you want to exchange the pub_keys and you want to use scp +
passwords): mayby there are some other libs missing... any suggestion?

While it's not exactly the most tidy solution, you could disable
StrictHostKeyChecking (see man ssh).