Re: PuTTY and ProxyCommand

En réponse à Simon Tatham :
(If you do get this working, be warned that you may find unexpected
crashing unless you upgrade to a development snapshot.)

All right. I have just downloaded the latest snapshot.

In the `Connection > Proxy' config panel, select proxy type `Local',
and enter your command in the `local proxy command' box at the
bottom of the page.

I don't manage to work it out.

I tried a lot of combinations but I believe not the right one!

in the main window: user2@pc2 // port 22 // SSH
in the proxy config panel: local // user1@pc1 // 22
local proxy command: tcpconnect pc2 22

What's wrong with that?

(If you could suggest improvements to the documentation which would
have enabled you to find this more easily, I'd be interested to hear

Sure but when I make it work :)

That Plink command is functionally equivalent to the command `ssh
user@pc1 tcpconnect pc2 22' you quoted above (assuming that I've
correctly understood what `tcpconnect' does from context).

In package:
tcputils - Utilities for TCP programming in shell-scripts

tcpconnect does the same as netcat, but better (especially the handling
of the end of connections which doesn't remain active in « ps »).


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