Re: X11 forwarding not working

"JR" == Jason Roscoe <jason.roscoe@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

JR> Richard E. Silverman wrote:
>> Try starting the SSH server with the -4 switch.

JR> Thanks. That seems to work. I was launching sshd through inetd.
JR> But, I launched it manually from the command line and tried the -4
JR> argument. This seems to work but I don't understand why. Can you
JR> elaborate on why it didn't work before? Thanks again!

{robalo:~} ssh -F/dev/null -X gumbo
Last login: Fri Mar 16 18:33:26 2007 from robalo.rosecommon
{gumbo:jason} echo $DISPLAY
{gumbo:jason} netstat -a|grep 6010
tcp6 0 0 *:6010 *:*
{gumbo:jason} xdpyinfo
xdpyinfo: unable to open display "gumbo:10.0".

Note the "tcp6" -- this shows that the X11 proxy was only listening on an
IPv6 socket.

You're welcome. :)

Richard Silverman