Re: Long time to auhenticate

Jacob Nevins wrote:
Chuck <skilover_nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
2007-03-14 16:42:25 Pageant has 1 SSH-2 keys
2007-03-14 16:42:34 Trying Pageant key #0

Notice the 9 second delay between 16:42:25 and 16:42:34. What would
cause such a delay? Is this something happening on the server or the
client? I suspect it's on the server.

Can't see what would take that long on the client -- there's nothing
cryptographic going on on the client or server between those two points,
nor is there any communication with Pageant, but there are some server
round-trips. Looking at the SSH packet log would show for sure.

(I assume the delay isn't PuTTY waiting for you to type a username,
which _could_ occur at this point.)

Which version of PuTTY is this? 0.59? (I can tell from the ciphers that
it's post 0.58.)

It's 0.59 and you are correct, it's not waiting for a username to be
entered. The username is supplied in the profile I'm connecting to, and
the private key is already cached in pageant. The connection should
complete in 2-3 seconds. I suspect something is going on with the server
that's slowing down outgoing connections. Probably either DNS lookups or
an internet filtering service that's on the server. The weird thing is
that rebooting the server usually fixes the problem for a day or two.

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